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The First Annual Racquetball Chapbook Tournament

Tired of myriad chapbook contests whose winners are determined by their works’ literary merit? Are your poems being rejected for publication because editors deem them unfit to print?

Would you prefer your chapbook published because you displayed a level of athletic prowess and competitive determination that in no way signifies your achievements as a writer?

Are you a writer who wants an excuse to learn to play racquetball? Or a racquetball player seeking incentive for sitting down to write your first short collection of poems?

Then consider entering the Racquetball Chapbook Tournament.

In order to get your chapbook published, you just have to be the champion of our racquetball tournament.

Tournament Details
A singles racquetball tournament will take place at Racine YMCA on April 10th, 2010. Play will commence at 9 a.m. and continue until a winner has been determined by sound victory, concession or bare-knuckle brawl.

Style of tournament (elimination or round robin) will depend on number of participants involved. Following the USAR’s 2007 “Official Rules,” all entrants “shall be entitled to participate in a minimum of two matches.”

Unlike the USAR, Racquetball Chapbook Tournament matches will be determined by the results of two games to 15 points, with a win by two points necessary. In the event of a tie, a final game in each match will run to eleven points, with a two point-lead necessary to win. Competitors should plan to referee themselves and/or one another. Disputes over screens, hinders, and dead balls should be handled with utmost politesse and grace; however, cursing, spitting, name-calling and projectile vomiting would not be out of line.


Each contestant’s entry fee will fund the publication of 100 copies of the winner’s manuscript, plus publication of a one-off anthology, featuring a selection of work from all entrants, along with the tournament rankings. Both publications will also be available as free downloads online a few weeks following the release.

The first-place winner of the tournament will receive ten copies of their hand-bound chapbook. All contenders for the prize will each receive a copy of the winning chapbook, along with a copy of the hand-bound keepsake anthology.

Remaining copies will be available for purchase at cost by contestants before going to auction on eBay, where they will no doubt command exorbitant bidding wars, due to their lavish quality and historic value as literary artifacts.

Racquetball press also hopes to present a goodie-bag for all participants. If you have broadsides, postcards, promotional material or other ephemera you’d like to offer for inclusion in the gift-bag, please send them with your submission.

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