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Organizers & Sponsors

Nicholas Michael Ravnikar and Nick Demske started playing racquetball together at the Racine Family YMCA back in June of 2009. They really only have ever played against each other, and they wanted an opportunity to get their game on with a bunch of other writers.

Ravnikar also publishes The Bathroom, an irregular webzine. Recently, he’s been working for Woodland Pattern’s youth programs, and he likes to think about making videos. He hopes to be rich and famous some day.

Demske  runs BOO: a journal of terrific things. He also works for the Racine Public Library, which pays him for not only shelving materials, but also for running great programs like the Poetry Roundtable and BONK!

These Two Schmoes Humbly Give Thanks to the Following

Sponsors of the First Annual Racquetball Chapbook Tournament

Racine Family YMCA

Racine Public Library

Do you want your business or organization to be listed in the hallowed annals of Racquetball Chapbook Tournament sponsors? Check out our wish list.

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